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This will make your blood boil if you have any blood left after it pops out of your eyeballs. It’s an incredible story, but for some reason believable these days with the New York Post.

The Wisconsin School District has filed a complaint of sexual harassment against three high school students for calling a classmate an incorrect pronoun. I know, I know. How should these children know what a pronoun is if they are too busy teaching them how racist they are? Priorities, people.

It’s not some stupid left city on the left bank. This is a school district in Kyle, Wisconsin, in a city of only 3,600 people. Talk about little ones. Larry Kudlow could accommodate so many people in his steam room and he tried. Do you already have a trial date, Larry?

In any case, school administrations appear to have accused three eighth-graders from Kiel High School of sexual harassment following an incident in April when these children refused to use “they” to denote a classmate who changed pronouns the month before the so-called incident. .

I will say this sooner and I will say it again. The only time you have to call one person “they” is if they are over 400 pounds because they love pancakes, or they block the fire.

One of the mothers of the accused child or “birth” for the Democrats gives us a scoop.

MOTHER OF THE ACCUSED CHILD: I got a call from the primary school principal who warned me that I would receive an email accusing me of sexual harassment against my son.

He said he was allegedly accused of sexual harassment for not using his own pronouns. I thought it wasn’t real. I thought it must be a gag, a joke.

You and I both. But her son Braden was indeed accused. And with what? Having a low tolerance for BS? But it seems to me that this is fictional because it is so on the nose in terms of fulfilling our own critique of wakefulness.

It’s like a government that sends out crack pipes for free after I’ve already paid the full price. But it’s real. I guess this is the world we live in, where the parodies we created a few months ago have suddenly become real. In other words, the far left is so insane that they are now predictable.

Remember, it was five years ago when Jordan Peterson, a obscure Canadian professor, threatened punishment in his college for failing to follow new pronoun guidelines. He refused to obey, and when people heard his story, he became a hero who is easy to be in Canada, where your only options are a hero – Peterson and a freak in a black face. And he predicted that giving up mandatory pronouns would eventually become a crime. People laughed at him, mainly because he was right.

Meanwhile, here’s a guy from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Freedom who is defending the accused students, arguing that misuse of pronouns doesn’t apply to Section IX.

LUK BERG: Chapter IX sexual harassment usually covers things like rape, date violence, sexual fees, right? Really outrageous things. In this case, there is nothing even close to what is claimed.

Accusing students of sexual harassment is an extreme abuse of the Title IX process. This is completely out of place, and school districts treat him wrong.

Absolutely. There’s a very informative tape. We are almost like a news program. Almost. Now the district considers the student’s refusal to use pronouns as a form of bullying, and the district prohibits all forms of bullying and harassment. All forms of bullying. Isn’t bullying forcing students to say things they don’t believe in? Let me rid you of unnecessary internal mental debate and tell you the answer is yes.

Of course, if the alleged student-victim was teased, then this should be addressed to teachers or the principal. But not with accusations of sexual harassment that could ruin a reputation. This is somehow disproportionate. How to slap a fly with Joy Behar.

This shows you why so many parents across the country are crazy now. Not only do they have to worry about CRT or drugs and social media, they have to worry about some left-wing school administrator revoking a child’s reputation before he or she gets old enough to have a reputation.

Parents, you are now called homophobic if you do not want gender-obsessed activists to teach your children about “they” and “them”. You are called domestic terrorists. If you openly question blocking schools, mandate masks or brainwashing called CRT.

Yes, parents are terrorists, although the only way to blow yourself up is a diet high in carbohydrates. And parents are now told that you are a fanatic if you think it is inappropriate for a transreg queen to deal with the plot of a lesson. And I agree. Keep this shit in schools and where it belongs, in my house on Saturday night. Look, I don’t have kids. They smell. But I am so angry that I think of adoption.

But just imagine if it goes beyond the classroom.

SERVANT 1: Hello. Yes, I would like to talk to Deborah about her extended warranty.

SERVANT 2: Her? My pronouns are dirt and bag.

SERVANT 1: A. Well, anyway, I’m calling about your 1996 Geo Prism.

SERVANT 2: Oh, my car is identified as a volt, as in a “riot”.

SERVANT 1: A. Do you have problems with the electrical system?

SERVANT 2: **** system.

SERVANT 1: Oh, good. Well, anyway, our warranty comes with a free iron and jack and they will come in handy.

SERVANT 2: Convenient? You bastard you bastard. Also, it’s not a jack. This is Jill’s car.

SERVANT 1: Good. Thank you for your time, sir.

Apparently they like the dirt bag better than Kat.

So we will follow this story. The charges may be dropped. It may turn out to be more than it seems at first glance.

One thing is for sure, just because it sounds absurd doesn’t make it false. In today’s world, the absurd has become the norm. No wonder your parents are angry, but don’t be surprised out loud, otherwise Merrick Garland is investigating you through the Patriotic Act.

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