Falls Church, Virginia – Actor’s friend Amber Heard testified on Wednesday that she saw bruises and cuts left after numerous cases of violence inflicted on Heard’s ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

In a recorded testimony played for the jury, Raquel Pennington said she had never personally witnessed Depp Hurd’s beating. But she said she saw injuries and she photographed Hurd’s face in December 2015 after a brawl in which Hurd says Depp hit her head and possibly broke her nose.

Hurd’s face shows a swollen nose, a cut lip, and two moderately black eyes.

She also photographed strands of hair that she said had been ripped from Hurd’s head.

Pennington said in a testimony in January 2022.

Pennington said she does not consider herself Hurd’s current girlfriend and that over the past year they have separated.


Depp is suing Hurd for defamation in the Fairfax County Court of Virginia in connection with an article in December 2018 that she wrote in The Washington Post, describing herself as a “public figure representing domestic violence.” His lawyers say the article slandered him, although it never mentioned his name. The trial is underway for the fifth week.

Depp says he never beat Hurd and that he fell victim to Hurd’s abuse.

The fight in December 2015 is one of several controversial ones. While jurors saw photos taken by Pennington documenting the damage, they also saw a video of Hurd’s appearance on a nightly talk show the next day in which the damage was not visible.

Hurd said the damage was simply covered in makeup.

Pennington’s testimony comes after Hurd ended her time at the witness stand, including two grueling days of cross-examination during which Depp’s lawyers questioned Hurd about the veracity of her allegations of physical and sexual assault.


Pennington’s testimony confirms the evidence of several alleged attacks. In addition to the December 2015 incident, Pennington said she saw cuts on Hurd’s legs when she returned from a trip to Australia in March 2015. Hurd testified that Depp was sexually assaulted with a bottle of alcohol during that trip and that she cut her legs on the broken glass from the attack.

And Pennington, who lived at the penthouse with Depp and Hurd for a while, said she was the first person to see Hurd during the last fight between the couple in May 2016, which led to the couple’s divorce.

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