The weather at Roland Garros is very changeable. One minute of sunshine, the next of rain. Currently, Medvedev and Bagnis are fighting with the latter, and the Russian went into the third and on the way to an easy victory in the series.

Pliskova takes the second set against Andrianofitrim with the score 6-3!

We are in the third and final set on the Simon Mathieu court. The Czech looks as if she has woken up.

Two results of the women’s draw to inform you of:

Daniel Collins and Elena Astapenko advanced to the second round after a straight victory over Victoria Tomova and Lucia Bronzetti respectively.

Medvedev goes to the second set against Bagnis. 6-2, 6-2!

The Russian closes his ace on Tin a game that also included nimble drop shots and a conversation with a judge (in French Medvedev speaks fluently, thanks to the fact that he lives permanently in the south of France).

Pliskova recovered in the second set against Andrianofitrim. Sown number 8 is 4-1 when she tries to level the match by taking the second set.

Something you may have missed since yesterday was a shock loss for Stan Wawrinka from local wildcard Quarantine Mute, who was known as the five-set epic, and because of Wawrinka’s comments made by judges about the water temperature at Roland Garros.

This is abnormal at Grand Slam tournaments, ”said the 2015 French Open champion. “Is that okay? Do you think this is normal? So you call someone. It was three transplants, I asked you for water that doesn’t freeze! After all, it’s not good. You’re at the French Open and can’t get normal water! Do you think this is normal? ”

If it sounds like a weird complaint, it’s actually something that tennis players really care about. This is from a book by Novak Djokovic, Serves to win. On the court, the Serb apparently drinks only warm water.

“If you drink ice water, the body needs to send extra blood to the digestive system to heat the water to 98.6 degrees. There are some benefits to this process – heating cold water burns a few extra calories. But it also slows down digestion and diverts blood from where I want to – to my muscles.

Cling, Bagnis sends a forehand down the line and he wins the game! The score is 4-1 in the second set, the return is coming!

Bagnis is moving quite badly. This turns into something like a march for Medvedev, who has won the last eight games. He is 6-2, 4-0 ahead. Bagnis is lame, but seems determined to pick up his prize! The Argentine can barely get off the ground when serving.

Daniil Medvedev near the network. Photo: Jean-François Badias / AP

Denis Shapovalov lost both the set and the break against the unsown Holger Rune, who turned three of the four break points and led 6-3, 3-0!

Andrianofitrim closes the set against Plishkova with a score of 6-2!

What a start from Andrianjafitrim, who is here only after winning the seat of the lucky winner, losing in the final of the Morocco Open Championship to compatriot Kristina Mladenovich last week. Plishkov has everything.

Medvedev beat Bagnis in the first set 6-2

Well, it was fast. Medvedev’s combination intensifies his game, and Bagnis, who is battling this calf injury, sees the Russian run away in the first set. Eurosport commentators believe that Bagnis is unable to continue, but is holding back a bit to raise first-round prize money. Not sure if I agree with that, although the Argentine is certainly not 100%. If he withdrew early from this match of the first round, he would have received only half of the prize money of 62,000 euros, which is about a quarter of his salary this year.

Pliskova continues to organize against Andrianofitrim. She loses 5-1 and fights against the French player. Here we have anxiety in our hands.

Australian Open 2022 finalist Daniel Collins thundered her first set with Victoria Tomova. Six-love, morning donut for the Bulgarian.

Daniel Collins is on his way to winning the first set.
Daniel Collins is on his way to winning the first set. Photo: Dylan Martinez / Reuters

Glad to see Simon Halep later. The 2018 French Open champion goes to court at 14.35 Moscow time against Anastasia Schunk when she returns after a calf injury, with the 30-year-old also spending some time to get married. She ranks 19th here, but is definitely in the top 10 players of her day. However, the Romanian needs to overcome some obstacles.

“I had the biggest injury of my career and I didn’t know how to deal with it at the start,” she told CNN in a show interview before the tournament. “I was scared and had low confidence because I felt my body couldn’t stand it anymore. I really suffered and did not see the light outside the tunnel. “

Simona Halep, who was seen here during the final victory in the women's singles over Sloan Stevens at the 2018 French Open.
Simona Halep, who was seen here during the final victory in the women’s singles over Sloan Stevens at the 2018 French Open. Photo: Christophe Simon / AFP / Getty Images

After a couple of breaks, both Medvedev and Bagnis, we serve Susan Langlen. Bagnis looked lively and brought the Russian into the net with a magnificent blow. Medvedev is one of the best engines on the tour, but can only kill him through the net for an easy Bagnis finish. Wonderful thing.


Welcome to the third day of the French Open at Roland Garros! Second seeded in the men’s draw and being part-time Wimbledon club Daniel Medvedev first against Suzanne Langley against Facundo Bagnis. Bagnis, who is in the top 100, has a tightly tied right calf – it should be quite simple for a Russian. But we have already seen some frustration this year in Paris. Medvedev warmly welcomes the French crowd. Last year, he reached the quarterfinals after four previous appearances in the first round.

Elsewhere in the men’s draw, Denis Shapovalov is fighting Holger Rune, and home favorite Hugo Humbert is fighting Emil Ruusuvuori.

Interestingly, on the court of Simon-Mathieu, seeded at number 8 Carolina Pliskova is currently losing 2-0 in the first set to Tessa Andrianzafitrim, and Daniel Collins and host Elena Astapenko lead ahead in the first round against Victoria Bronze and Victoria Toronto respectively. .

If you want to catch up with yesterday’s events, take a look below:

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