SAN ANTONIA – This is not a typical Broadway show. This is also not a performance. This is a freestyle hip hop comedy show and it will take place in San Antonio on May 18th.

If you liked shows like “Hamilton” and “On Height”, this show will have a similar flavor. One of its founders is Lynn-Manuel Miranda.

“This show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” said Kayla Malladi, a beatboxer with Freestyle Love Supreme.

The Freestyle Love Supreme National Tour is coming to San Antonio (Joan Marcus)

“Every night we go on stage without a script, without props, without imagining what will happen next. And we ask the audience for their stories, suggestions and ideas. And the coolest thing is when you come to see our show, be it Wayne Brady or special guests like Josh Groban, you see them in a way that you’ve never seen them before because, you know, they don’t know what it is it will also happen, ”said Maladi.

The performance is completely improvised. So even though Freestyle Love Supreme performs six shows in San Antonio, each one will be different.


“Be prepared to be open and have a good time. The coolest thing about our show [is] it’s all volunteer-based, so no one will force you to tell a story you don’t want to tell. And we will always review your story and elevate it as best we can. We’re going to make you look good … it’s just going to come in and enjoy the experience, ”Maladi added.

The Freestyle Love Supreme National Tour is coming to San Antonio (Joan Marcus)

Freestyle Love Supreme will perform at the Charline McCombs Empire Theater from May 18-22. For more information on the show and tickets Click here.


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