Fort Worth (CBSDFW.COM) – On May 19, 2022, Officer Mitchell Miller was fired following an administrative investigation into a violent incident that occurred in January.

The Fort Worth Police Department said it was “filled with officers who do their job properly and do it right every day. In this case, Officer Miller did not behave in a way that represents the professionalism of our officers. “

On January 28, 2022, Officer Miller arrested a man under the influence of alcohol and took him to Fort Worth Prison. While Officer Miller escorted the detainee to the jail entrance, the detainee turned to Miller, and Miller responded by pushing the man to the ground. The man fell face down on the concrete, his hands were handcuffed behind his back, causing him to hit his head and lose consciousness. Officer Miller then did not report the use of force and told his supervisor that no force was used when she directly requested it.

After another officer expressed concern about the incident, the Department of the Interior immediately launched an administrative investigation to investigate Officer Miller’s actions during the incident, and he was restricted and stripped of all police powers pending the outcome of the investigation. After a thorough investigation of the internal affairs investigation, it was found that Officer Miller used excessive force and falsely reported the incident.

As a result of his behavior, Chief Knox stopped Officer Miller’s work in the department. The Fort Worth Police Department is also referring the case for consideration to the Taranto County Attorney’s Office.

Officer Miller was accepted by the department in 2017 and at the time of the incident was assigned to the patrol. He had previously been disciplined for violating a number of general department orders during contact with a prisoner.

“His continued failure to meet the high standards that every Fort Worth police officer must maintain during all interactions with members of the public has necessitated a decision by the chief to shut down Officer Miller,” the department said. the property of those we serve. We strive to fulfill our mission by upholding the highest ethical standards, respecting the sanctity of human life and preserving the rights and dignity of every human being in our community. When force is used without justification and restrictions, it undermines trust and trust in law enforcement. Members of law enforcement receive their authority from the public, and so they must always remember that they are not only guardians but also servants of society.

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