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FACT FOCUS: Associated Press video manipulated to make it appear Slovak flags banned at soccer match

A manipulated video, falsely attributed to an Associated Press (AP) report, spread on the eve of the Slovakia vs. Ukraine match at this year’s European Championship. The video falsely claimed that Slovak flags were banned from all games due to their similarity to the Russian flag.

The fake voiceover, designed to mimic an AP reporter, stated: “UEFA has banned the Russian flag from all matches of the Ukrainian national team at Euro 2024 after some were hung in the stands during other matches. Security staff will seize Russian flags from all fans, regardless of the opponent. It has also been announced that the ban will apply to Slovak flags at the upcoming match with Ukraine, as the Slovak flag’s resemblance to the Russian flag could provoke incidents against Ukrainians.”

No such AP video or report exists, and there is no ban on Slovak flags at the soccer tournament.

The Facts

CLAIM: A video shows an AP report stating that Slovak flags will be banned at Euro 2024 games because of their similarity to the Russian flag.

FACTS: The 33-second video is a fabrication, combining fake audio with real AP footage about a Tesla shareholder vote. The video falsely uses the voice of AP reporter Tom Krisher. At about 28 seconds, Krisher appears on screen, supposedly confirming the ban on Slovak flags due to their resemblance to the Russian flag.

While both flags share white, blue, and red horizontal stripes, Slovakia’s flag includes its national coat of arms on the left side, making it distinct.

However, the AP has confirmed that this video is fabricated. “The video circulating on social media is not an AP video and features a false and manipulated clip of an AP staffer,” AP spokesperson Nicole Meir stated. “The AP did not report on a UEFA ban of Slovak flags.”

The footage of Krisher comes from an AP video published on June 13 regarding a Tesla shareholder vote to restore CEO Elon Musk’s $44.9 billion pay package, which had been nullified by a Delaware judge earlier this year. Meir confirmed that Krisher covers the auto industry for the AP.

Background on UEFA and Flag Regulations

After Russian flags were displayed at other matches, UEFA announced that security staff would intercept and remove Russian flags from the Munich stadium where Ukraine played Romania on Monday in its first Euro 2024 match, as reported by the AP.

Russian teams were banned by UEFA from international competitions following the full military invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

German authorities have also stated they will only allow flags of participating teams in stadiums and official fan zones broadcasting games on big screens in the 10 host cities.

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