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Inflatable inflatables have never gone out of style – they just got bigger! Plastic cameras, old tires, noodles and narrow floating rafts are still around. But lake lovers everywhere prefer huge floating water toys such as water trampolines and sunbeds that can hold several people. Even huge floating unicorns interested the public and admired them.

Behind the boat you can ride on giant “pipes”, water skis and sledges. Other attractive floating devices are best for a lazy day by the pool or a slow drift down the river. Whatever your speed, you’ll be having fun in the sun with these popular inflatable water toys this summer.

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1. Inflatable colored raft with floating tube with handles

If you say inner tube, now it’s a cell! In fact, it’s a set of two inflatable colored floating tube rafts. These giant, colorful 48-inch round rafts are made of durable 12-gauge vinyl. Each holds one adult rider, and large handles provide safety while sailing.

Intex River Run II Sports Lounge

Intex River Run II Sports Lounge

2. River Run II Sport Lounge, an inflatable water float

Swim down the river or lake with family and friends at the Intex River Run II gym. This inflatable float has two spacious seats, a built-in cooler with a lid, coasters and two light handles to help keep you stable and safe while traveling.

To keep your band together, connected ropes allow you to tie the chain with other Intex inflatable. The mesh lower seat and integrated backrest provide comfort to every rider during the drift.

3. Giant inflatable unicorn for the pool

You are sure to make a statement when riding on this giant inflatable pool unicorn from Jasonwell. You can comfortably sit on the neck of a unicorn or sit down and hang on it like a horse. Its neon rainbow tail and mane bring bright color, and the only golden horn is magical. The giant float can hold two adults with a total weight of 400 pounds.




Enjoy a small friendly pool competition with TURNMEON 8 Pcs Battle Log Rafts. Four adults can “fight” each other on their own inflatable floating logs and sticks. Run the fights until someone falls into the pool. The log boards are 48 “X 11” in size and can withstand up to 265 pounds. Be the life of the party with these hilarious inflatable logs.

5. A game set of 2 pieces for the Cornhole pool

Take a classic pool game with this Cornhole set of 2 pieces. This version has cute images of sharks near the holes on the game boards. You can play the game in the pool or on the beach, in the courtyard or in the yard. It comes with eight Corn Hole bags and two carrying bags. It’s fun for all ages!

Inflatable floating cooler

Inflatable floating cooler

6. Mega Chill, inflatable floating cooler

Nothing is better down a lazy river on a hot summer day. This handy inflatable floating cooler connects directly to the floating Intex. This means that your favorite drink is nearby while you enjoy the trip. It boasts five built-in coasters, a cooler to cool drinks and ice, sturdy handles to put it in the water and take it out of the water, and three air chambers to keep it inflated. It’s fantastic for a day at the lake, river or pool.

7. GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer Pong Set

A smooth version of the famous student game Beer Pong – this is exactly what you need for your next party in the pool GoPong Pool Pong Set. Each float holds six cups and can serve as a stand while you are in the water and not playing a game. It also acts as a cooler when filled with melting ice. This game is a lot of fun to play with a band!

8. Inflatable paddle board Aqua Plus

Learn to own a paddle board (SUP) with this great inflatable SUP from Aqua Plus. Inflatable boards are easier to transport than wooden ones. And this board easily fits in a zippered bag that can be worn on the back. Made from high-quality military ultra-lightweight PVC Drop Stich fabric, the board inflates quickly and can withstand loads of up to 350 pounds. Its excellent stability makes it convenient for all skill levels.

Inflatable island for recreation Intex Splash 'N Chill

Inflatable island for recreation Intex Splash ‘N Chill

9. Splash ‘N Chill, an inflatable island of relaxation

Try the best floating lounges with the inflatable holiday island Intex Splash ‘N Chill. This extraordinarily large inflatable lounge comfortably accommodates up to seven adults with an onboard cooler and six coasters. For safety and convenience there are two landing platforms with four sturdy handles. The anchor bag keeps you in one place to relax and unwind. Enjoying the water doesn’t become more relaxing than that!

10. Outroad Water Floating Mat Water Floating Foam Pad

Spend a day on the water – it’s to gather with family and friends to cool off, relax and enjoy a wonderful day. Outroad Water Floating Mat is the perfect water deck chair. It measures 12 x 6 feet and is strong enough for children to run and jump on. It can withstand up to 800 pounds. or three to five people. Alternatively, you can easily fold it for removal and transportation.

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