L.In the 5th game of the Western Conference semifinals between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors, the Grizzlies home fan confidently tried his best to provoke the pest № 1 NBA. About 18,000 fans twisted towels on the bench and chanted while the PA played the local anthem Whoop That Trick. Given the deafening roar inside the FedEx Forum, you might think it was the Grizzlies, when in fact the Warriors were led by 46. In the midst of this madness, Draymond Green was firm in his element: bouncing to the beat, waving a towel and truly kicking.

There has been a lot of controversy about who is the best player left in the NBA playoffs. But there is no doubt about who is more annoying. Over the past decade, the Voyors miniature forward has been a 6-foot-6-inch spike in the side of anyone who opposes him. At the opening of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday night against the Dallas Mavericks, Green returned to his familiar tricks – bending on the floor after a tough finish on the rim, running across the cross, blocking third corners, lobbying the judges and otherwise annoyed the Warriors. ‘112-87 home win. Green’s official contribution is 10 points, nine rebounds, three assists, two steals, etc. kiss the cook The closing block on Dorian Feeney-Smith from Mavericks – barely catches how hard he needs to play. Anyway, these playoffs served as a reminder of how much the 32-year-old former Michigan striker sets the tone for the Warriors, being such a massive migraine.

In the semifinals of the conference against Memphis Green was nothing more than a hound who kept trying. Patience, that is. He was booted from Game 1 after beating up the big man Grizzly Brendan Clark. A minute later, 2 Green caught Xavier Tillman’s elbow, fighting for the free ball. When the FedEx forum crowd cheered, Green turned them into a double bird. (“I could have had a concussion or something,” Green lamented, who didn’t have one.) But he quickly returned and struck a knockout blow when Golden State played Memphis in five games to snatch a two-year conference break. . the finale – a break Green described as “unhappy.”

In the first round match between Golden State and Denver, Green faced his most difficult problem of the year: checking Nikola Jokic. During the regular season Green was removed due to a lower back injury in 29 personal games, including all four against Denver, leading to speculation that Jokic (a two-time league MVP with a 5-inch and 50-pound advantage) would be too much to cope even for Green, the former defensive player of the year. Ultimately, Green did not completely shut down Jokic, but he slowed the Serbian game enough to prevent the uninterrupted action of the Nuggets attack and destroy them from the floor in five games. What’s more, Green has joined LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd and Larry Byrd as the only players in post-season history with 200 interceptions and 10 triple-doubles.

After that, Green hugged Jokic on the court and thanked him for making him the best player. “It was an honor and a pleasure to play against such a qualified man,” Green told the press. It was a staggeringly high mark from a dubious talker. Among other things: Green pushed the Portland player for not firing to defend the performance bonus, and famously clapped in response to Paul Pierce during the game with the Clippers after the Hall of Fame accused Green and Golden State of taking Cleveland out. with a score of 3-1. The final of 2016. “You can’t get a no farewell tour,” Green croaked. “They don’t love you so much. You thought you were Kobe. ”

Draymand Green sets the tone for the Warriors, being such a massive migraine. Photo: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

As a correspondent during this year’s All-Star Game, Green called Cleveland’s host city “outstanding” and declined to name Rudy Gobert, Utah’s central center, which is Green’s main competition for the NBA’s best defensive player. Green went to Drake and Nicki Minaj; just a week ago, Green called ex-center Kendrick Perkins “people” for being afraid to shoot, and blamed ESPN offender Chris Rousse for telling him shut up and play. “America is tired of Draymand Green,” Rousseau said.

For years Green was angry at Charles Barkley, who once happily poked the Warriors pin for him. ”triple single”Performances. So it turned out that after the Warriors ’triumph in the first game against Dallas, Green joined Barkley on the set near Chase Arena when a crowd of Dubs fans chanted“ Barkley sucks ”. When a TNT analyst who opted against the Warriors in this series responded by saying how much he hates the Bay Area, Green missed a single hit. “He hates you around!” Said Green, who had already been recognized on Barkley. And, of course, he is already doing too much and claims that his task is to “save the media industry.”

Green is not just a return to old burrs like Dennis Rodman, Bill Lambier and Rick Fox; he is a classic wrestling heel that constantly pierces with its sharp tongue and sharper elbows. As a basketball talent, it should come as no surprise that Green is very self-respecting, shamelessly declaring himself “the best defender who has ever played this game”. And while any conversation that puts Green in the league with James, Bill Russell or David Robinson is bound to sound reckless at this point, he is definitely the best defender left in the playoffs whose versatility will be key to the Warriors game plan. against Luka Doncic – perhaps the best offensive the player remained in the postseason. And while they didn’t just face each other in Game 1, it’s only a matter of time before a player who doesn’t shoot and a player who doesn’t defend swap places. And if that clash eventually happens, and the masses inevitably rush to yell at the biggest basketball troll, expect Green to retain the same energy.

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