Dillie, Texas – The Dili Police Department has been busy astronomically increasing the number of people smuggling and chasing.

Police Chief Homer Delgado said their department had initiated 26 chases this year.

“All of these classes came to our area, which makes it very, very difficult to try to keep them away from our residential city,” Delgado said.

The chase forces Delgado to plan additional security measures daily, including guarding a parade for high school students.

“We have to plan heavy equipment to block the roads in case persecution comes to the city,” Delgado said.

He and Sergeant Adrian Ruiz allowed KSAT 12 to see what they felt firsthand. Throughout the day, we did not see for a long time what a “typical” day for their police department.

“Corporal Garza reports that they are at a stop with border patrols at the intersection of West Access Road and 35,” Ruiz said, referring to some radio traffic.


When we got there, we saw several border patrol units, the Frio County Sheriff’s Unit and the Dili Police Unit.

Ruiz explained that the increase in human smuggling and the pursuit allowed them to work closely with other agencies.

“Agents suspect that the person they were in contact with was someone who was actively involved in organized crime,” Ruiz said.

He did not say the man’s name because they were not arrested, but he said they called many cadres in the world of crime around Dili.

As we sat and waited, the driver started driving on the wrong side of the road and speeding.

The driver was not arrested, only in handcuffs while officers performed their work.

Throughout the interaction, the driver’s phone rang continuously.

“We found several mobile phones in the glove compartment, which is a common tactic used by scouts because they just use one phone after another, after another, because they suspect they have been caught,” he said.


Scouts are, in fact, the eyes of criminal activity, Ruiz said. They report where law enforcement is located, and are sometimes used as a distraction.

By early evening no one had been arrested and everything was surprisingly quiet, Ruiz believes it was because Dili police and other departments were in force. He says it shows that what they do works.

“We will continue to intercept and try to eliminate these smuggling operations in and around Fria County,” Ruiz said.

All KSAT 12 vehicles, followed by Dilley PD, were private vehicles, without large trucks. Chief Delgado said that when intensified checks began at the border, they saw smugglers change their methods.

He added that 90% of the stolen cars they chase come from San Antonio.

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