NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Both Democratic nominees for Texas Attorney General Joe Jaworski and Rachel Garza support abortion rights and Rowe v. Wade.

If the U.S. Supreme Court overturns a nearly 50-year-old ruling, Texas will ban most abortions, as approved by the state legislature last year.

CBS11 asked both candidates what they would do if elected.

Garza said: “I would fight for this right to health care for the millions of women who will be affected by it.” She said she would work with local communities and attorneys general in other states. “Using the creative advocacy I’ve done in the past, in terms of gaining access to abortion for my client, Jane Doe, I’m going to bring it to the table as Attorney General and fight for access to reproductive health care.”

Rachel Garza is running for Texas Attorney General


Gavorsi said the key is to change who is elected to the legislature and the Texas Supreme Court.

“Let’s make Texas a state of reasonable reproductive choice. Let’s elect smart judges to the Texas Supreme Court who will enforce the Texas Constitution. There’s a provision for equal protection.”

The current Attorney General, Republican Ken Paxton, has filed about two dozen lawsuits against the Biden administration. These include cases related to the administration’s policy on illegal immigration.

Jaworski and Garza said they would consider each of the state’s lawsuits against the federal government.

Garza said: “Then focus on making sure we protect civil rights and that people have access to the vote.”

Jaworski said: “I’m going to dismiss every case against the Affordable Care Act before lunch on the first day.”

Garza is a former ACLU staff attorney and has fought for the reproductive rights of teenagers detained by immigration authorities, and won.

Former Galveston Mayor Jaworski helped rebuild public housing after the devastating storms and is now engaged in private legal practice.

CBS11 asked them each why they would be the best candidate to represent Democrats.

Garza said: “Civil rights are at stake in this election cycle, and they have the opportunity to elect someone like me who has been a defender of civil rights, especially in the field of reproductive rights.”

Joe Jaworski is running for Texas attorney general


Jaworski said: “Experience, ethics, integrity and reputation in the state as an honest lawyer and former local government official. Here is a candidate whom people can stand for any party denomination.”

A poll by the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation last month found that Garza was leading over Jaworski, 46% vs. 31%, and 23% said they didn’t know who to vote for.

A Dallas Morning News / UT-Tyler poll released this week shows that Garza is 35% to 20% ahead of Jaworski, with 40% saying they are unsure who they will vote for.

Turnout in the first round is always low. Records with the Secretary of State of Texas show that by Thursday in the first round of Republicans turnout was 2%, and in the first round of the Democratic Party – 1.2%.

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