LONDON – A high-profile defamation lawsuit between two British football spouses ended on Thursday when a lawyer accused the applicant, Rebecca Vardy, of deliberately destroying key evidence that allegedly showed her giving private messages to tabloid journalists on her opponent’s social networks.

Wardy, the wife of Leicester City star Jamie Wardy, has filed a defamation lawsuit against football wife Colin Rooney after an online quarrel broke out between the two women.

The quarrel grabbed national headlines in October 2019 when Rooney, who is married to former Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney, said she deliberately posted fake stories on Instagram for months to find out who passed on her personal information to The Sun. .

In a post on social media that quickly went viral, she said Vardy was responsible for blocking everyone but the account owned by Vardy from viewing her stories on Instagram.


The case, which is being closely watched in Britain, has been dubbed the “Christie’s Wake” lawsuit – a game on “WAG”, a slang term for the wives and girlfriends of footballers, and a reference to detective writer Agatha Christie.

Vardy denied the allegations and is suing for defamation, despite judges urging women to settle the case. The trial, which took place on the sixth and final day of the Royal Courts of Justice in London, reportedly cost millions of pounds.

Concluding his arguments, Rooney’s lawyer David Sherburn accused Vardy of deliberately deleting telephone messages to “cover up the incriminating evidence.” The lawyer also claimed that Vardy had “a consistent practice of secretly leaking information to the press.”

Vardy’s lawyer denied the allegations, saying Rooney had not provided any evidence to support the charges. He said his client had suffered “public bullying and ridicule on a massive scale” as a result of Rooney’s claims against her and that she was entitled to substantial compensation for libel.


The judge said he would leave his decision until later.

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