NEW YORK “Chris Wallace will be interviewing on Sunday night for CNN, starting this fall,” the network said Wednesday, announcing a new home for the most famous person from the ruined CNN + streaming service.

“Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace,” which will also air on HBO Max, was a program he hosted for CNN + before the new corporate owners of Warner Bros. Discovery closed the service just a month later.

Wallace, who previously worked for Fox News, has appeared on television several times, including in a major report Tuesday night.

Actress Eva Longoria, who also signed up for the streaming service, will be doing a series for CNN where she will travel to Mexico to try dishes and culture. “Eva Longoria: In Search of Mexico” is created by the same production team that creates “Stanley Clouds: In Search of Italy” for the network.


Chris Licht, the new chairman of CNN Worldwide, also told advertisers at a presentation in Manhattan that CNN was “rethinking” its morning show on weekdays with the intention of being a “destroyer” in space. He did not provide details. Licht has some experience in this field, as a former lead producer in both MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program and CBS’s morning news program.

He said nothing about CNN’s prime-time hole left after Chris Cuom’s dismissal in December, after the network accused the host of not telling how he was helping his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Kuoma.

Unlike the “extremes” that dominate cable television news, Licht said that at CNN, “we strive to be a beacon for journalism that is important to democracy.”


CNN telegraphs that it is once again focusing on the news, with less commentary, following the forced departure of former head Jeff Zucker last winter and a change in corporate ownership. The war in Ukraine gave CNN a chance to show its news, and coverage of the war dominated the prime-time network.

At the same presentation, its head David Zaslav, chairman of Warner Bros. Discovery, Licht said. He contrasted CNN with “propaganda” information networks.

“We at CNN intend to stand up for journalism in the first place, to defend the news and the truth,” Zaslav said.

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