High food prices will remain because the current crops being harvested this fall are costing the nation’s farmers much more than in the past due to soaring fuel and fertilizer costs, Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue warned Tuesday on Newsmax.

“I’m not an economist, but I just see food prices staying where they are because this new crop that’s coming in September, just around the corner, in August and September, won’t be replaced until 2023.” – said Unanue. on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.”

He noted that fertilizers are three times more expensive for farmers, and fuel costs for agricultural machinery and crop transportation have doubled.

“You can’t make people work,” Unanue said. “I’m here in Texas. We have very dry conditions. The rice crop that is in Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana is very boring.”

Meanwhile, the government is encouraging farmers to grow corn for use in ethanol, which has tripled the price of the grain, Unanue said. “[It] it’s funny. We are trying to dilute our oil that we have in the ground. It’s crazy.”

The Biden administration “created inflation” by declaring war on fossil fuels, shutting down the Keystone pipeline and going overseas for oil, Unanue said.

“In 2008, we saw grain prices triple because they decided to incentivize corn for ethanol production,” he added. “It is very inefficient. That was great for Iowa, but it’s not good for other grains and it’s not good for inflation because we’re growing food to burn in our cars.”

The war in Ukraine has also worsened the cost of fertilizer and food, Unanue said, as Ukraine and Russia produce 50% of the world’s fertilizer, 30% of the world’s wheat and 20% of the world’s corn.

Fertilizer prices, meanwhile, are not yet “baked in” for the current crop year, so “we’re just starting to see inflation,” Unanue said.

And for all its problems, the United States is “run by a bunch of elites who are in candy bars,” Unanue said.

“They live in an alternate reality,” he said. “They don’t care about the working class. They don’t care about people. They are so elitist and don’t realize that the United States is the second largest Hispanic country in the world. We’ll be the largest group by 2050. You know, we have an opportunity to make this country great by making God, family, and work our goals, and that’s not the goal of this administration.”


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