CenterPoint Warns Customers: Restoration of Power After Beryl Could Take Multiple Days

CenterPoint Energy, Houston’s primary electricity provider, has advised nearly 2 million customers to prepare for a prolonged process to restore power in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl’s impact on the region.

Alyssa Oshodi, Director of Communications at CenterPoint, informed Eyewitness News on Monday evening that the utility anticipates a multi-day effort to assess and repair the damage caused by the storm.

As of 9 p.m., CenterPoint’s outage tracker indicated that 1,933,519 customers were still without power, down from a peak of 2.2 million during the height of Beryl. The company has successfully restored service to nearly 285,000 customers since the peak.

CenterPoint has mobilized an additional 12,000 field resources from external agencies, including support from Chicago’s ConEd, to assist their own crews. Oshodi emphasized that priority is being given to areas where restoration efforts can benefit the most customers and critical care facilities.

The utility aims to restore power to approximately 1 million affected customers by the end of Wednesday.

Lynnae Wilson, Senior Vice President of CenterPoint Energy, acknowledged the storm’s impact, stating, “While we closely monitored Hurricane Beryl’s projected path, intensity, and timing for many days, the storm’s unpredictability delivered a powerful blow across our service territory, impacting many lives. We recognize the significant work ahead to support our customers, especially during the hot summer months.”

Entergy, another regional electricity provider, reported about 201,000 outages as of noon, primarily in Montgomery, Jefferson, Walker, and Liberty counties, including over 6,100 customers in Galveston County, including the entire Bolivar Peninsula.

Statewide, approximately 2.7 million power customers in Texas remained without electricity as of 1:45 p.m.

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