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EXCLUSIVES: An internal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) document from the end of last year warned of “significant security implications” from the termination of Order 42 on health – while noting that criminal organizations control “large areas” of Central America.

The document, which emerged as a result of a lawsuit between Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and the Biden administration, is a review of the situation on the southwestern border, published in December.


The document warns that the main factors that attract migrants to the border include economic opportunities, political instability, fear of violence and educational opportunities, as well as perceptions of U.S. immigration policy.

It notes that smuggling networks are “very active in promoting the flow of migrants through Mexico, as drug traffickers maintain control over the primary traffic corridors to the United States.”

June 10, 2021: A couple of families of migrants from Brazil pass through a crevice in the border wall to reach the United States after crossing from Mexico to Juma, Ariza, to seek asylum.
(AP Photo / Eugene Garcia, File))

“Control of drug traffickers in these corridors allows them to regulate the flow of migrants, as well as to charge migrants a ‘tax’ or ‘piso’ for the right to pass through the corridors.”

The document also warns that “there are large areas of the region where state control is limited or absent due to transnational criminal organizations (TCOs); in particular, the northern border regions of Guatemala, eastern Honduras and several rural regions across Mexico, some of which have created militias for self-defense ”.

The document also refers to the potential ending of title 42 – a health order used since March 2020 to quickly deport most migrants to the southern border due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Biden administration plans to revoke the order on May 23.


The administration acknowledged that this is likely to lead to a significant surge in migrants crossing the border, in even greater numbers than the already historical figures seen by the authorities. But she said she has a plan to combat the flow, including more use of accelerated removal and more resources.

The CBP document warns that there are risks with the termination of the order.

“When [CBP’s Office of Field Operations] “cannot continue to suspend the introduction of covered migrants into the United States in accordance with the CDC order (Chapter 42), there are significant security implications,” it said.

The document also says that the Biden administration’s halt to a number of Trump-era politicians, including “Staying in Mexico” and asylum cooperation agreements, as well as Mexico’s limited acceptance of migrant returns, has damaged border patrol capabilities. send illegal immigrants through section 42.

The document also points out what the border patrol is doing to gain “operational control” at the border, including by deploying resources to “identify, identify, classify, obstruct and prohibit priority threats to national security, border security and public safety” – while maintaining what he calls “safe, legal and orderly” treatment of migrants.

Moody in a statement Fox called the document a “shocking revelation.”


This contradicts what the Biden administration has told the American people, and shows that Mexican drug cartels profit from the mass migration of unauthorized immigrants to fund the rise of border violence, ”she said.

“We are in the midst of a national opioid crisis, and the deadliest drugs are being smuggled into our country from Mexico. President Biden knows this, but he continues to redouble his terrible immigration policy, knowing that this policy encourages and enriches the same drug cartels. the deaths of thousands of Americans. “

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