Round 10

Another tour for Bivol. He is in complete control. Alvarez needs a knockout.

Unofficial Guardian number: Alvarez 9-10 Bivol (Alvarez 93-97 Bivol)

Round 9

A nice round of returns for Alvarez. He grabs the Buffalo along the ropes and releases his arms, inflicting many shots. But he devastated a lot of tanks by doing so, while Bivol, who took all these shots well, was able to reserve a bit for the championship tour.

Unofficial Guardian number: Alvarez 10-9 Bivol (Alvarez 84-87 Bivol)

Round 8

Alvarez is in trouble. The buffalo taunts the smaller man in the ring, while Alvarez reverses, skipping many punches as he walks. The buffalo gets a big right hand, and Alvarez turns to the ropes. Alvarez’s output has dropped significantly. Bivol is fighting a perfect fight, dealing all clean blows. Alvarez looks frustrated and exhausted. Easy round of Bivol.

Unofficial Guardian number: Alvarez 9-10 Bivol (Álvarez 74-78 Bivol)

Round 7

Bivol continues to puzzle Cinnamon with its size, movement and rhythm. We have not seen for a long time how Alvarez faces such adversity. The buffalo beats Alvarez in the fist, using this truncheon blow as the basis of everything, and Alvarez seems to have no idea.

Unofficial Guardian number: Alvarez 10-9 Bivol (Alvarez 65-68 Bivol)

Round 6

The buffalo is having a great fight. It keeps Cinnamon in fear through deft footwork, ring intelligence and large size without making the mistakes that Cinnamon lives to use. But in that round his output declined and Alvarez did enough to take sixth place, mostly through his defense. According to Compubox strike statisticshe struck 71 out of 316 hits (24%), compared to 40 out of 248 in Canella (16%).

Unofficial Guardian number: Alvarez 10-9 Bivol (Alvarez 56-58 Bivol)

Round 5

Alvarez continues to press for action but cannot withstand the attack. Buffalo’s left eye begins to show minor damage. The Bivol then catches Alvarez along the ropes and unloads seven or eight strokes, landing about half of them. Alvarez lies on the ropes and waves to his opponent, telling him to throw more, but the emotionless Buffalo takes the bait. A clear tour of Bivol.

Unofficial Guardian number: Alvarez 9-10 Bivol (Alvarez 46-49 Bivol)

Round 4

Bivol continues to succeed by poking at a distance. He uses his length to his advantage, but is not afraid to go into his pocket and rush to the body to create combinations at the top. Canel’s face flushed from Buffalo’s steady blow to the head. Alvarez increased the pressure, but many of his blows were blocked or parried by larger ones. Cinnamon lands with a savory right uppercut in the final seconds, but that’s not enough to turn the round. Alvarez is a fighter today!

Unofficial Guardian number: Alvarez 9-10 Bivol (Alvarez 37-39 Bivol)

Round 3

The buffalo lands with its right hand to the body, creating a combination at the top. The buffalo really spreads his arms, and Canello responds the same. At the moment Bivol is becoming the best of the exchanges. More punches and straight rights combined from Bivol, whose hand speed seems to bother Alvarez. Cinnamon more than keeps on its own, does a good job with the body. Another close but accurate round to Buffalo.

Unofficial Guardian number: Alvarez 9-10 Bivol (Alvarez 28-29 Bivol)

Round 2

Alvarez strikes a couple of powerful blows around the tough guard Buffalo. Another hook catches the buffalo’s chin. The buffalo has now gained momentum and he strikes more blows in combination, but they don’t land clean. “Canelo” gets a flash uppercut, but Bivo takes it well. An easy round for Alvarez.

Unofficial Guardian number: Alvarez 10-9 Bivol (Alvarez 19-19 Bivol)

1 round

Here’s the bell, and the fighters meet in the center of the ring and start circling around each other. “Canello” strongly guards, but throws more in the beginning. But Buffalo looks comfortable there and kills quite a bit with his pocket. Canello hits the hook in the case, but Bivoy responds with a combination. Canello misses with an uppercut at the end of the round, but the crowd explodes as if it were connected. A close but clean round for the champion.

Unofficial Guardian number: Alvarez 9-10 Bivol (Alvarez 9-10 Bivol)

Fighters in the ring. An introduction was made. The fighters received the latest instructions, and the seconds came out. We will pick it up with daily lighting from here!

The fighters enter the ring. The buffalo is the first, even though he is the champion. Then there is Alvarez, accompanied by a full Mariachi band with dancers in traditional costumes. They play in the European The Final Countdown before moving to México Lindo y Querido, the standard of Vicente Fernandez, which became his calling card.


Hello and welcome to Las Vegas for today’s meeting of Canello Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol. Alvarez, the biggest sports star and the only number 1 pound-for-pound ratio, is returning to the heaviest weight of his career to meet the undefeated Buffalo, who holds the WBA version of the title – 175 pounds.

“I like this challenge because I want to make history,” Alvarez said this week. “Such a challenge will put me at the top of boxing history. I feel alive when I have such a challenge. I respect Dmitry Bivol’s boxing skills, but my time has come. I feel in the prime of life. I like this moment. “

Cleveland-Montana Love has just won a unanimous decision over Mexican Gabriel Valenzuela in their 12-tiered super-lightweight bout, the last undercard tonight. Next: the main event. Alvarez and Buffalo should go for a walk in just under half an hour. Much more to come.

Montana Love (left) exchanges punches with Gabriel Valenzuela during their 12-level super-lightweight bout on Saturday. Photo: Al Bello / Getty Images

Brian will be here soon. In the meantime, Donald McRae is watching Saturday’s fight.

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