Every pop-up window in New York should have its own merchandise, and Lucien and Burberry have released a small series of new restaurant items such as utensils, coasters and napkins, as well as co-branded matchboxes and pencils. There are also t-shirts needed, but they are created just “for the general Burberry and Lucien community,” the press release confirms, and importantly, are not for sale.

On Wednesday night, this community gathered in Lucien to bring Burberry to launch and share memories of the space. Model and filmmaker Coco Badel worked here as a housewife when she first moved to the city, as well as when her casual cocktail pictures were partly inspired by a “list that someone made up of all the cocktails on Crazy”Became Lucien’s signature illustrated beverage menu.

“I chose what I remembered people in the restaurant, and what I imagined they would like to sip,” Badel recalled in an email after the launch party. “That same day, Zack and I brought the menu I was sketching, with a visible paper extension at the bottom and lines, and made copies that we laminated. They were used that night and have been there ever since! ”

When Zack, who headed the helm after his father died in 2019, asked Badel to draw a new menu for the Burberry launch, she says: “It felt like we were back where we started. On the verge of a hot sweaty summer in the most exciting city in the world. With a Lucien party t-shirt! It evoked fond memories. “

Colin Hughes

For artist Lucien Smith, the evening was the perfect occasion for a night out. “It was nice to leave the house for a change,” he shared via email. “I liked the chairs and umbrellas, very elegant.”

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