It was a busy – and extremely stylish – week for actor and self-proclaimed “Jedi” (Jewish Jedi) Brett Gelman. First was the premiere of his grand show, Amazing things returning in his feverishly anticipated fourth season next week. Gelman then went to the Metropolitan Opera to catch the premiere of the new one Abbey in the city center the movie. He had a secret wardrobe weapon for both performances on the red carpet: Bode looked from head to toe.

When Bode burst onto the scene in 2016, the label quickly won over fashion insiders and artists downtown, thanks to the amazing ability of American designer Emily Bode to turn vintage textiles into a coveted fashion inspired by workwear. However, in recent years, Bode has jumped very hard into the realm of celebrity style – clothes have appeared on everyone, from Harry Stiles to Ethan Hawke to Kieran Culkin. And this week Gelman got out on a full-fledged, maximalist Bode.

Theo Vargo

First there was a gorgeous eccentric outfit that consisted of a green suede jacket (these fringes!), A white embroidered linen shirt and Technicolor striped pants. (If you’re appearing at the premiere of one of Netflix’s favorite shows, you have to lay out for a hundred.) The next night he was in the same maxim with an embroidered cross jacket, an ivory lace shirt. , and earthy suit pants. In both outfits were all Bode, up to black leather home shoes. The cherry on top of each image is a red tinted frame from the South Korean brand of glasses Gentle Monster.

Arthur Holmes

Wearing one of these outfits would be stylish, but two of them in two days are at the expert level. Perhaps Gelman’s comedic experience and his penchant for battle is magic – Gelman has taken on the image of Bode with everything he has, and his style on the red carpet is even better for that.

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