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Bono welcomes the papal program for “inclusiveness”, teaching girls


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Bona Vox, second from left, and Pope Francis with students from different countries attend the launch of the international educational movement “Scholas Occurrentes” (Latin – School of Meetings) at the Pontifical University of Urbaniana in Rome, Thursday, May 19, 2022 (AP Photo / Andrew Medicine)

VATICAN – U2 frontman Bono congratulated Pope Francis for promoting “inclusiveness” on Thursday when he met with the Pope in Rome with students attending an educational program launched by the Pope.

Francis has promoted the Scholas Occurrentes (School of Meetings) program since he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, and recently raised its status in the church to make it a private association of believers.

Bono, whose real name is Paul David Husson, praised the Pope for creating the program and its focus on girls ’education.

“The education of girls was a superpower. It is a superpower in the fight against extreme poverty, ”Bona said.

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