President Biden on Saturday signed a $ 40 billion lawsuit to support Ukraine with US help as the Russian invasion approaches its fourth month.

The law, which was passed by Congress with the support of two parties, deepens US commitment to Ukraine at a time of uncertainty about the future of the war. Ukraine has successfully defended Kyiv, and Russia has reoriented the offensive to the east, but US officials warn of the possibility of a protracted conflict.

Funding is intended to support Ukraine until September, and it exceeds the previous emergency measure, which provided 13.6 billion dollars.

The new legislation provides $ 20 billion in military aid, ensuring a steady flow of advanced weapons used to blunt Russia’s progress. There are also $ 8 billion in general economic support, $ 5 billion in addressing the global food shortage that could result from the collapse of Ukrainian agriculture, and more than $ 1 billion in refugee assistance.


Biden signed the measure under unusual circumstances. Due to the fact that he is in the midst of a trip to Asia, a US official brought a copy of the bill on a commercial flight to Seoul for the president to sign, a White House official said.

The logistics reflect a sense of urgency due to further US support for Ukraine, but also the international challenges facing Biden. Even as he tries to refocus American foreign policy on confronting China, he continues to direct resources to the largest conflict in Europe since World War II.

Biden also signed an unrelated measure designed to expand access to infant formula at a time when supplies in the United States remain in short supply. The legislation will allow the use of government benefits under a special supplementary nutrition program for women, infants and children, better known as WIC, to purchase more types of infant formula.

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