“When the most influential person in Texas says they are child abusers or bad people, I found that they are the exact opposite,” Beta O’Rourke said.

Texas, USA – Mother’s Day at Briggles House is a special event.

Amber usually relaxes, and Adam, her husband, is involved in cooking and cleaning. But plans for Mother’s Day changed after a call they received a week and a half ago from Beth O’Rourke’s office.

O’Rourke said he wants to cook dinner for the family on Sunday.

“That one night saved me from cooking, so I’m very happy,” laughed Adam Brigle.

The Democratic candidate for governor of Texas showed up at the house with his hands full of groceries to cook burgers with broccoli and potatoes.

O’Rourke told the WFAA that he would like to visit the family to discuss a topic that fascinates them: the rights of transgender people.

“We’re not used to being treated well by politicians,” said Amber Briggle.

The Brigids fought for their transgender child for years. The WFAA spoke to the family earlier that year when Gov. Greg Abbott instructed the Texas Department of Family and Security Services to investigate the parents of transgender children.

Abbott says gender reassignment procedures or sex-confirming care can be “child abuse”.

“Because the Department of Family and Home Affairs of Texas is responsible for protecting children from abuse, I order your agency to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation into any reported cases of these abuses in Texas,” the governor’s letter said. “To protect Texas children from abuse, the DFPS and all other government agencies must comply with the law, as explained in OAG № KP-0401.”

More than a month after the announcement Amber Briggle told the WFAA that they are actively investigating the CPS.

“These attacks, they will continue until someone gets up and stops them,” she said.

O’Rourke cooked the most. He used a homemade recipe to make burgers, broccoli and potatoes. He said another reason he wanted to be at the Brigles House was to let Texas see their history.

“When the most influential person in Texas says they are child abusers or bad people, I found that they are the exact opposite,” O’Rourke said. “We need Texas residents to support this family. Being here tonight and covering their history helps them live better lives. ”

Brygly got used to the company. At their same table six years ago, Attorney General Ken Paxton gathered for dinner to discuss trance rights.

The family says that after this meeting everything only got worse. Sunday’s dinner with O’Rourke is said to have been quite different.

“Few people are at stake in his company as we are. It’s as simple as if he wins, we can save our lives here,” said Adam Briggle.

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