Does anyone have a better year than Bad Bunny? In addition to the stunning appearance at the Met Gala and the action trailer for his summer film with Brad Pitt, Bullet trainin March at CinemaCon it was announced that the artist, born Benito Antonio Martinez Acacia, will star in the film Sony El Muerta in January 2024, making him the first Latin American superhero to lead a live Marvel action movie. Two months later, his third album was released, which received critical acclaim. Un Verano Sin Ti, debuted at the top of the Billboard charts – his second number one in the Billboard 200 – and set a variety of records. In the third week the album still gives Harry Stiles a run after his neon zebra jumpsuit on Spotify Global Table. Talk about deja tu huella.

El Muerto is a fighter whose strength and mask are passed down from generation to generation of one family, and each heir to the role must prove himself to his oppressor, Eldorado, to stay alive and keep his strength. When the announcement was made, some experts wondered why the relatively obscure character was receiving live coverage rather than more popular Latin American characters in the Marvel universe, such as Spider-Man 2099. But Bad Bunny understands how perfect a superpower wrestler is for him. “I grew up watching the struggle,” he said GQ in its cover. “This role is perfect and I know it El Muerta will be epic. I’m a Marvel fan, and the fact that I’m now part of that family still feels like a dream. ”

Bad Rabbit also knows that a lot is riding on the movie El Muerto. “Perhaps for some people it’s different that the higher they go, the less pressure they feel, because maybe they’re confident that everything they do will succeed,” he said. GQ interview. “But I do the opposite – the more I gain an audience, the more I go up, the more I feel pressured to keep going. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep thinking about it. I don’t sleep for days. “

“The fact is that it’s not that the first Latin American to star in a Marvel movie is the first [Latino] the main role, ”he told the ladies from Kind of during a recent appearance. “I think people will be proud of my work.”

Of course, playing wrestler is not very difficult for Bad Bunny. Last year, a few weeks after he won a Grammy for his second album, YHLQMDLG, he surprised fans by making his debut in a fight at WrestleMania, teaming up with Damian Priest in a team match against Miz and Morrison. Bad Bunny was a familiar face in WWE matches before his debut, but seeing him in the ring, confrontation with professional wrestlers still blew people away. As WWE’s own announcer said, “I’ve heard of flying squirrels, but about flying bunnies?”

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