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American facial recognition and battery ingredients

Just four years ago, the movement to ban police departments from using facial recognition in the US was very strong. By the end of 2020, about 18 cities had passed restrictive laws, and lawmakers proposed suspending their use by the federal government.

In the following years, these efforts stopped. Some local bans have even been partially lifted, and today few seriously believe that a federal ban can be enacted in the foreseeable future. Currently, facial recognition regulations are at a political impasse in the US.

However, there is hope in Massachusetts for those who want to limit police access to facial recognition, thanks to a bipartisan state bill that was rejected by lawmakers and would do just that.

Much depends on whether this law will be adopted. This could usher in a new era of compromise and could set the standard for how facial recognition is regulated elsewhere. On the other hand, if the vote is delayed or fails, it will be another sign that the movement is fading. Read the story in its entirety.

— Tate Ryan-Mosley

Want to know where the batteries go? Look at their ingredients.

Batteries will be a key part of how we fight climate change. They will transform transportation and could also be critical for storing renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power when those resources are unavailable.

So, in a sense, they are a central technology for the two sectors responsible for the largest share of emissions: energy and transport.

The International Energy Agency just released a new report on the state of important minerals in energy, which has some interesting tidbits related to batteries. If you want to understand what’s next for batteries, you need to look at what’s happening right now in their materials. Read the story in its entirety.

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