Once again, Amazon has taken a step towards incorporating small retail stores across the country into the digital retail market by launching its new Smart Commerce initiative.

Smart Commerce is working with local stores to help them provide an improved in-store experience for their visitors, and to enable them to set up independent digital storefronts to leverage a retail customer pool online. According to Amazon reports, 4 million small businesses nationwide are already selling their products on Amazon’s own e-commerce site.

Speaking at the annual Amazon Smbhav Summit, Amit Agarwal, Senior Vice President of India and Developing Countries, said: “A smart commerce that will allow any store to truly become a digital ducan. They will be able to serve the best of Amazon customers no matter where they are – in their physical store, directly through their own online storefront or on Amazon.in. We are just beginning and remain committed to our commitment to digitize one billion small businesses by 2025. ”

Amazon through Smart Commerce will provide the IHR portal to their own well-established and fluid logistics resources, as well as its strong internal infrastructure to launch a digital showcase. Smart Commerce offers store owners features such as digitization of invoicing, inventory management, among others. As the retail market continues to be absorbed by large players and rapidly moving to an online environment, conventional stores may find Smart Commerce as a necessary tool for survival and adaptation to the present.

Amazon has poured in about $ 6.5 billion in a combination of several initiatives in the Indian market. And the boy with Indian determination responded to the trust. Amazon’s goals for India were at a good pace for timely completion. India has already made $ 5 billion in exports through Amazon, and there is by 2025 reach $ 20 billion. Amazon is aiming to digitize 10 million Indian small businesses nationwide by 2025.

The Indian retail market is a bustling environment today. Several conglomerates from around the world are working to establish a strong foothold. This move from Amazon is expected to give them an edge over their well-equipped competitors such as Flipkart and Reliance Retail. Regardless of whether small business is represented on these platforms, it is in the interest of each party.

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