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Amazon announced the latest version of its Fire 7 tablet on Wednesday. The tablet costs $ 59.99 than its predecessor, but the company promises longer battery life.

Amazon Fire tablets served as a cheaper alternative to Apple’s iPad, but it’s not as big a business segment for Amazon as Apple’s hardware. Instead, Amazon hardware products serve as a gateway to Amazon’s ecosystem of services such as Alexa Voice Assistant and music, books and programs.

In the latest version of Fire 7 there was not much battery life, and the screen and camera were not very sharp. Amazon said the new model has a 40% longer battery life, up to 10 hours of viewing, but it has not made any changes to the display or camera.

The updated Fire 7 also has a 30% faster processor, which should help the tablet feel more responsive, Amazon said. It will also have 16GB of memory in the base version, which is probably good for most people who just need a budget tablet to watch and download movies, although you can expand the storage by adding your own memory card. It also replaces the old charging port with a new and more common USB-C port.

The new Fire 7 is available for pre-order from Wednesday and delivery will begin on June 29. It comes in black, denim and pink with covers that cost $ 28.99 each.

Amazon has also introduced a new version of Fire 7 Kids that comes with a “child-resistant” case (red, blue or purple) that comes with Amazon Kids +. The device has a starting price of $ 109.99 and is also available from June 29.

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