A 16-year-old boy and a 40-year-old woman are shot dead as several militants shoot at each other in two rival cars near Michigan High School: police have launched an urgent search

A 16-year-old boy and a 40-year-old woman were shot dead when several gunmen fired “a large number of shots” from two competing cars near a graduation ceremony at a high school in Michigan.

Police have launched an urgent hunt for two shooters who fled after a shootout in a parking lot near East Kentwood High School on Thursday night.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office reported that a teenager from Texas was hit in the wrist. The woman, a 40-year-old woman from nearby Grand Rapids, was hit twice.

Both are being treated in district hospitals, their condition is stable. According to the police, there is no connection between the suspects and the victims.

“Perhaps they just stumbled upon passers-by,” Sheriff Michelle LaJoy-Young said during a press briefing on the spot.

The shooting happened just a day after shots were fired after graduating from a high school in Tennessee, killing one teenager and injuring another.

On Thursday night, after the opening ceremony of the Crossroads Alternative High School, shots were fired at East Kentwood High School Stadium (pictured).

Lajoy-Young said the shootout took place as the families left East Kentwood High School Stadium, where the opening ceremony of the Crossroads Alternative High School district took place.

Sixty students and their families attended the graduation ceremony on Thursday night. Those present were able to leave immediately after the shooting.

At the same time, a high school concert is being held in the school hall.

“It’s a very traumatic thing to go through, and I would say be sensitive to other members of the community and understand that going through something like this will be difficult … going through it,” she said. “When something like this happens to us, our whole community suffers.”

Authorities do not believe there is a continuing threat to the community, but LaJoy-Young has issued a serious warning of violence in the community.

“I am, of course, concerned about the outbreak of violence, and, again, I will return to the communities, keeping them safe,” the sheriff said. “We need to work together to bring these cases to a head. We need to know that everyone in this community needs to protect each other. ”

“When there is violence in our community, it is both disturbing and tragic,” said superintendent Kevin Polston in a press release.

“We remain committed to the health and safety of our community and will provide support and advice to all students in need.”


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