Police said the 15-year-old girl went missing on April 27. Her mother reported that she was being treated at the hospital.

DALAS – A 15-year-old girl from Dallas, who has been missing since April 27, has been found, police said on Saturday.

Brenda MacDonald, the girl’s mother, said a rally was scheduled for Saturday afternoon in support of a long-term search for her. When her phone rang on Saturday morning, she thought it was someone calling about the event.

“I got a call around six,” MacDonald said. “They said: we have your daughter.”

The call was from Arlington Police Department. The department confirmed to the WFAA that the missing teenager went to one of the substations around 5:50 a.m. Saturday and identified himself as an officer.

McDonald said she was taken to Arlington Medical City before being taken to Dallas Children’s Hospital, where she passed an examination as a sexual violence nurse.

“She said she was forced to do many things she didn’t have to put up with,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald said her daughter had dyed hair and she lost weight. She said she could not be in the room to listen and see her daughter undergoing research on sexual assault.

Tonya Stafford, a lawyer for the victims, whose organization rescues and provides medical resources for survivors of human trafficking, was sitting next to the teenager. Stafford helps MacDonald look for her daughter.

“I go through a lot of them and it never gets easier for me. Especially when it comes to a child, ”Stafford said.

Stafford said she could not share many details about the teen as they are being investigated, but she confirmed that the teen said she had been repeatedly subjected to physical and sexual abuse. She also confirmed that it was a sex trade.

“It’s horrible, what she went through,” MacDonald said.

Dallas police said the 15-year-old girl disappeared on April 27. McDonald said she was scolded after the school got into trouble and she left a residential home in downtown Dallas.

“I thought she was just going to get together,” McDonald told WFAA in a previous interview. “I never thought she would disappear. It’s not her. “

McDonald said she called Dallas police that evening, but she was told her daughter was considered a fugitive because she left voluntarily.

Two weeks later, on May 12, DPD called her “critically missing.” MacDonald posted leaflets in areas across Dallas and posted photos of her daughter on various social networks.

She also said she received a number of clues about watching her daughter downtown and south Dallas. She even said she saw a photo of her daughter, taken on surveillance camera footage, in a building near the area where her daughter was the last scene.

McDonald said she saw her daughter on camera with several adult men.

Saturday’s DPD will only confirm that the teen has been found and that the investigation is ongoing. The agency does not confirm whether the case is being investigated as human trafficking.

After talking to the teenager, Stafford said that her story was not an escape story. She said the girl was “captured”.

“She did come out, but it had to cool down,” Stafford said. “She really fell into the hands of a trader. They weren’t just waiting for her. They were expecting anyone and she happened to be the one. She did not run away. she did not give up. She ran away because she was ready. She tried. She was trying to escape. “

Stafford’s “Everything Will Be Alright!” Organization will now work with McDonald and her daughter to help with the recovery process. Stafford said the journey would be long, but they would be able to.

“She’ll get the best care we can offer her, and we’re starting the healing process,” Stafford said. “She’s pretty resilient, so she’ll be cured, too.”

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