The Dallas Cowboys are no strangers to finding gems among their undefeated free agents, and they hope success will continue with their 2022 signatories.

DALAS – Dallas Cowboys have a history of cultivating talent among underachieved free agents.

Whether it’s Hall of Fame representatives like Cliff Harris and Drew Pearson, or solid starting teams like Tony Roma and Lael Collins, the Cowboys Scout Division usually provides talent that slipped through the draft, but can still help the team.

Eric Galko, director of football operations, player staff, for the Shrine Bowl took the time to inform the WFAA of three newcomers who could help the Cowboys:

1. Wide Receiver Ty Freifogl, Indiana – “Ty Freifogl was a great treasure. He had a great chance of being selected at the end of the round and you come back and watch his 2020 film in Indiana when it really exploded and looked like the starting X receiver in the NFL, but I think for a team like Dallas that’s all still re-equipped his attack and recovering from Omar Cooper’s trade and the loss of Cedric Wilson, I think for Freifogl they can train as part of his team for a year, develop it a little more, this could be a guy who could be a great search for Cowboys ».

2. Defensive Big Kat Bryant, Central Florida – “Big Kat Bryant is kind of a twin, but has a similar body type to Randy Gregory, and I think it’s a role that he’s not as talented as Gregory, but a role he can play as a weak side rascher, maybe I think he was an Auburn graduate, having a hard time adapting to UCF, but he has a lot of tools to get better.I think this is a guy who hides in the coaching team to have a great chance on him to fight for a place on the list and be part of that rotation in the future. ”

3. Alec Lindstrom Center, Boston College – “Alec Lindstrom is a player and I was very surprised that he was not drafted and I think he was one of the best centers in this class of NFL draft. Many NFL teams felt the same, but the centers are like kickers and players where these guys sometimes drop out of the draft because teams don’t need a guy at this time or on the draft early and they also don’t want to take it in. But I think to get Lindstrom after the draft [he] will immediately compete with Matt Farniok to become the main backup at center. I think he will win this place, become a backup center for Tyler [Biadasz]. I think in the long run he’s a smart enough player to compete and really compete for a place at the center. So I’m not sure he’ll be that guy in Dallas, maybe if they find a way to hide him in the squad. I guess Dallas probably won’t hide [Lindstrom] at the training camp because I think it will be wanted by the team during the training camp due to injuries. So I think for the most part they’ll want to keep him on the list, but I think if he can really compete with Matt Farniok and become the team’s backup center, it’s a great chance in the early stages to increase value for the Cowboys.

The last undefeated free agent to become a quality starter for Dallas was Terence Steele, who was thrown into the fire due to injuries in Tyran Smith and Collins ’All-Pro left match in the 2020 season. Former Cibolo Steele High School product played for 16 games , 14 of which he started as a newcomer to becoming a reliable proper selection for Cowboys in 2021.

Which undeclared free agent do you think has the best chance of staying with the Cowboys? Share your thoughts with Mark on Twitter @therealmarklane.

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