The best beach towels do more than keep you dry – they complement your beach style. They raise the perfect summer option, ready for the sand, from good to “who’s this guy?” Because no matter how fresh you look in your hiking shirt, swimsuit and shorts, riding in the park or on the beach with an old rat towel really undermines the whole effect.

Although yes: the best beach towels soak up. They’re big – here at GQ, we firmly believe there isn’t too big a beach towel. The best, in our opinion, have enough space to place at least someone else’s ass or completely cover your own while you change from wet trunks in the parking lot (without creating a scene). The best towels also dry quickly and are able to quickly shake the sand after a long day at the surf. And as we’ve said before, there’s no reason they shouldn’t look good.

From handmade Turkish towels to classic boar strips and to designer terry versions – there’s a whole world of towels that will adorn your beach style to a size no different than surfing. Here are the 26 best beach towels to stay dry and look sharp all summer long.

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