– Sports: baseball

– Years of activity: 1966-1993

– Retirement age: 46

Ryan has played for four teams – the Mets, Angel, Astros and Rangers – for four decades. But he is better known for reasons other than his longevity in sports. First, he was one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history and the greatest pitcher in history, waving 5,714 hitters. Thanks to a constant speed of 100 miles per hour, even at the end of his career, he also threw in seven homeless – three more than any player before or after.

Second, because Ryan’s success at the end of his career coincided with the era of steroids in baseball, there were rumors as to whether his stats were “enhanced,” although he publicly criticized steroid use by players in the years after his departure. pension.

Third, Nolan Ryan is known among Texas Rangers fans as a cult moment in the history of the franchise on August 4, 1993, when the Chicago White Sox best Robin Ventura turned off on Ryan’s inside serve and was born on the mound. Ryan put a third man from the grassroots, who was 20 years younger than him, in the head. Both teams brought the dugouts to the field when the referees stopped the fight. Ventura was removed, Ryan was not, and the Rangers won 5-2. Ventura made a successful career and continued to lead the White Sox.

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