The NBA Draft Lottery was held on Tuesday, and we simulated a possible outcome, and our Locked On NBA podcasts across the country made a choice!

CHICAGO – Officially this is the day of the NBA Draft Lottery, as the first 14 elections in the 2022 NBA Draft will be determined during the annual lottery on Tuesday night.

Fourteen ping pong balls with numbers from one to 14 will be placed in the lottery machine. NBA officials will randomly draw four balls, and a combination of four numbers will be one of 1,000 that are assigned to each of the NBA’s 14 lottery draft slots based on their records for the 2021-2022 season.

This combination in the first draw will show which team will get the first number in the NBA Draft in June, then this process will be repeated three more times to identify teams that will choose from two to four.

Live broadcast of the NBA Lottery

On Tuesday night, starting at 8pm on ET on the Locked On NBA YouTube channel, our local podcasts for NBA Draft Lattery teams will broadcast their reactions live on how the lottery goes.

Join us on the Locked On NBA YouTube channel to cover the lottery tonight!

Chances of getting number 1 in the NBA Draft Lottery

4. Oklahoma City Thunder, 12.5%

6. Portland Trail Blazers, 9%

7. Sacramento Kings, 7.5%

8. New Orleans Pelicans (with Lakers), 6%

9. San Antonio Spears, 4.5%

10. Washington Wizards, 3%

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Clippers), 1.5%

13. Charlotte Hornets, 1%

14. Cleveland Cavaliers, 0.5%

Lottery simulator

We went to to get a simulation of how the lottery can be played. We took this script and sent it to our local Locked On NBA hosts across the country and asked them to do a model-based layout, with each local host choosing the team they cover.

Here’s how our Tankaton simulation went:

6. Portland Trail Blazers

8. New Orleans Pelicans (via Lakers)

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Clippers)

Election NBA Lottery Layouts

1. Orlando Magic – Paola Banchero, F, Duke

Philip Rosman-Reich, podcast Locked On Magic: “The reason for the magical capture of Paolo Bancher is quite simple. They need a guy who can create his own punch and be the top scorer. They have a lot of good minor players, they have a lot of really good young talents, but they need a guy around whom they can form.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder – Jabari Smith, F., Auburn

Rylan Stiles, podcast Locked On Thunder: “My best player on my big board is Jabari Smith. That choice was between him and Chet Holmgren. But Jabari Smith can easily fit next to Josh Gidi and Shea Gilgis-Alexander with his potential threesome and D.

3. Houston Rockets – Chet Holmgren, F / C, Gonzaga

Jackson Gatlin, Locked On Rockets Podcast: “The Rockets can’t go wrong with any of the top three prospects for great people. Being third on the board is not as good as being one, but the opportunity to get Chet Holmgren is a huge win for this Rockets team. He has size, he has shooting, and he has the potential to become the number one player to come out of this draft. ”

4. Detroit Pistons – Shadon Sharp, Gee, Kentucky

Ku Hahil, podcast Locked On Pistons: “I feel that Sharpe is now one of the most exciting prospects in the whole draft. He hasn’t played a single game of basketball in college, but despite that, the 19-year-old has climbed a bunch of draft boards, compared to Paul George, Bradley Bill and Jalen Green. Any player like that would go well with Cade Cunningham if they missed one of the top three greats. “

5. Indiana Pacers – Jaden Ivy, Gee, Purdue

Tony East, Locked On Pacers Podcast: Ivy is really good for what she has and needs Pacers. At the moment they really need talent after they have won just 25 games, which is their third worst season of all time. A fast guard who can dominate the game when Tyrese Halliberton comes off the ball or leaves the game is a really good fit for this Pacers team.

6. Portland Trail Blazers – Keegan Murray, F., Iowa

Mike Richman, Locked On Blazers Podcast: “Keegan Murray seems to have a very good result here. One of the most productive players in student basketball last season, he holds the right position in a team that is desperate for strikers. Murray can help right away and has serious benefits to be a part of the future.

7. Sacramento Kings – AJ Griffin, G, Duke

Matt George, Locked On Kings Podcast: “If I had the opportunity to trade this election, I would. But if the Kings still turn out to be 7, don’t be surprised if they walk away from that choice. Kings are looking for players with immediate impact. While I like the advantage of AJ Griffin, he meets the needs of the Kings and his potential as a defender and shooter, but can we expect him to be an instant player who can bring the Kings out? playoffs? Such expectations from this team as early as next year. But AJ Griffin would be a good player for this team to take 7th place. “

8. New Orleans Pelicans – Benedict Maturin, G / F, Arizona

Jake Madison, Locked On Pelicans Podcast: “With Zion Williamson healthy next season, the starting lineup and the first guys from the bench are prepared for the Pelicans, which means they can go either way with the eighth pick. At this point in the draft, Maturin is the perfect combination of the best player available with a high rise. “

9. San Antonio Spears – Jalen Duren, PF / C, Memphis

Jeff Garcia, Locked On Spurs podcast: It’s exactly what the “spurs” need to meet their greatest need for the off-season, and that’s the size. After Jacob Poeltl, the great man’s depth chart for Spurs is very weak. 6 feet 11,250 pounds – this is exactly what is needed “spurs” to confront the modern center in the modern NBA. “

10. Washington Wizards – Milky Branham, G / F, Ohio

Ed Oliver, Locked On Wizards Podcast: “Great player, 6 feet 5, freshman. Was a freshman of the year at Big Ten, All-Big 10. Went to St. Vincent St. Mary High School of Columbus, we all know who else studied at this high school. The Wizards need talent, this guy was averaging 13 points per game, 49% off the field, 41% off the three-point line and 83% off the free-throw line. He’s athletic, can get to the rim, he’s a slasher and a great finisher.

11. New York Knicks – Dyson Daniels, G, G League Ignite

Alex Wolf, Locked On Knicks Podcast: “We were thrilled to get that choice and were able to take Daniels. Knicks really need a player like him. We think he will fit perfectly between Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett. He is a long, excellent defender, he can somewhat attack the basket, the blow is still under development. But he has the perfect NBA size with a wingspan of 6 feet 8 and 6 feet 11 with very legitimate guard skills.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder – Jeremy Sochan, F, Baylor

Rylan Stiles, Locked On Thunder Podcast: “Sachan is probably the best defender in this draft class. In this election, Thunder probably hoped that Jalen Duren would stop them. But given the circumstances, Jeremy Sochan is a really good option for creating a versatile lineup for the Thunder, who need to improve their defense and on the line of three points.

13. Charlotte Hornets – Johnny Davis, Gee, Wisconsin

Walker Mel, Locked On Hornets podcast: “We had an interesting decision when the Hornets had the 13th and 15th elections. I wanted to go with the best center, it’s a huge need. But presenter Doug Branson wrote me an interesting script when we chose.

Doug Branson, Locked On Hornets podcast: “I saw Johnny Davis sitting there available because a few teams above us may have reached a little bit. Johnny Davis is a player who, I think, is a really good complement to LaMella Bolo in the long run because he can defend, he is long, athletic and I think Davis would be the perfect two guard next to Bolo in the long run. “

14. Cleveland Cavaliers – Eye of Agbaji, G / F, Kansas

Chris Manning, podcast Locked On Cavaliers: “Agbaji, the greatest player of this year’s Final Four, meets the real needs of the Cleveland Cavaliers.” They need wings that can shoot, they need wings that can support Darius Garland, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen. There is probably no player who is more suited to the top three and D than Agbaji. “

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