Dallas may have been accustomed to seeing Luke’s magic, but after the 7th game against the Suns, the Mouse captured the country’s spotlight.

DALAS – Dallas and NBA experts are no strangers to Luke Magic and the hot series that the Mavericks conducted together in the last part of the 2022 season.

But after the Mavs stunned the world and knocked down the NBA’s best team in Game 7 … on the road … NBA Twitter was all aboard the hilarious Luka / Mavs train.

In the 7th game Luka Doncic scored 35 points and made 10 rebounds in just 30 minutes of playing time. Doncic did not play the whole fourth quarter, because well … he did not need, because at that time the “Mouse” was already at 42.

In a series of seven games with the Phoenix Suns, Doncic surpassed the Suns top scorer in the Bookers (218: 164), ahead of 7-foot center-back Deandro Eitan (69 to 57) and mastered the third pass in the NBA. Leader in assists Chris Paul (49 to 40) and had more interceptions than Michal Bridges, who finished second in the defensive player of the year (15 to 9).

By right, Doncic and Mavericks are shaking their heads. Here’s a look at the reaction to this Mavericks playoff match:

Lakers forward LeBron James has reiterated his stance on Doncic for quite some time. Someone on Twitter asked James who his favorite player under 25 is. He took it one step further.

“LUKA. He’s my favorite player !!” James wrote on Twitter.

On the Pat McAfee show, McAfee praised Doncicsaying he was “BALL !!”

“It’s incredible to watch,” McAfee said. “He seems to be electrified. He talks, but he moves at such a relaxed pace … he has the ability to do whatever he wants. And it feels like the Mavs will only be able to build around him.”

This next one will warm the hearts of Mavs fans.

Former Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle came out on 105.3 The Fan on Monday afternoon, where he made pretty bold statements. Carlisle, who coached Mavericks in 2011 under Dirk Nowitzki to the NBA’s only team title, said the playoff series “reminds me terribly of the 2011 series because it didn’t start very unexpectedly.”

“A lot of people thought we were [going to lose to Portland]. Many people predicted that Utah would defeat Dallas if Luke was not in two or three games, “Carlisle said.” And they took care of Utah, and the momentum just kept going. If you beat the best team in the league as decisively as they did yesterday, you are playing high-level basketball. ”

Many NBA players (both current and former) took to Twitter while the Mavericks set fire to the Suns in Game 7, including Ja Morant, CJ McCollum and others.

NBA writers, experts and national media also jumped on Luke’s advertising train.

The Mavericks ’speech prompted Stephen A. Smith to admit that he“ never made a mistake like that ”. Athletic DC presenter David Aldridge also gave an interesting but hilarious explanation for the horrific explosion. FS1 presenter Nick Wright, who is longtime Doncic Stan, had fun.

The Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors will make it to the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday, May 18, at 8pm Here is the full schedule of the series.

Everyone aboard the Mavs train … either jump or derail.

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