I don’t believe that a perfect shave depends on the loops exclusively on having the best shaving cream for men. This is just one component: you also need to have a fresh, sharp razor that you take good care of. You need a slow, steady technique to avoid things like razor burns and shaving bumps. You can start with a good oil before shaving and end with a soothing after shave.

But right there, in the center of it all, is a shaving cream. Or shaving gel, or soap, or oil and so on. You have to use something, but you have a lot of options. And we tested almost all of them – read on to find our favorites.

The best shaving cream for men

Claus Porto Musgo Real shaving cream

There are many variables that you can choose from to choose the best shaving cream overall. Some guys prefer an odorless formula, others want translucency, and some choose based on mobility. Well, to all this we will understand below. But for the top slot I have to give it to the masters at Claus Porto. Their Musgo Real shaving cream not only has a brilliant scent of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla, but also using them feels like fun, not business. It foams quickly, glides on smoothly and leaves you with the feeling that you have just slowly cleaned up an old school barber shop, even if you rush out the door to get to work.

The best shaving cream for sensitive skin

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You can really say that “Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin” is also “Best Shaving Cream, Period” because anything that is good for sensitive skin is equally effective on anything that is less irritating. So consider Bevel a winner. it soothes and nourishes the skin with aloe and shea butter, tones with vitamin E and goes perfectly with your fresh blade (ideally a safe razor) to minimize bumps, irritation, nicks and more.

The best shaving serum

Moroccan shaving serum Aesop Neroli

The best serum from Aesop contains a blend of moisturizing herbal substances that will help soothe your skin, minimizing burns, no matter what razor you work with. Apply it just like a pre-shave cream, but don’t be surprised if you continue to come back for a full light sand long after you apply the baby’s face.

The most fragrant shaving cream

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Caswell-Massey shaving cream with sandalwood

Smell tends to be second in the shaving arena, but it shouldn’t be. The Caswell-Massey wording, awarded the Grooming Award, is thick in the old school but foams easily and feels wildly indulgent. The most important thing? Its warm aromatic profile, imbued with notes of cedar and spices, smells fantastic.

The best shaving gel

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King C. Gillette shaving gel

The benefits of shaving gel are obvious … literally. Shaving gel is often translucent, making it much easier to see what you are doing. Unlike shaving cream, shaving gel does not require extra hydration of your mug to lather. This provides a faster and much more oily shave, and King C. Gillette produces an inexpensive high-quality gel that reduces time without cutting corners or your face.

The best shaving soap

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Shaving soap “The Art of Shaving” with a bowl

Shaving soap is one of the most classic ways to cut your face, although it takes a little longer. You create the foam by twisting the shaving brush around the soap dish and then do the same directly on your face. Shaving soap helps to get rid of mustache from excess fat, while keeping them (and skin) soft. This helps to beat the mustache even more effectively, while providing one of the more nutritious and refreshing shaves. I like the shaving soap with the scent of sandalwood The Art of Shaving – it creates a soothing foam, especially nourishing and gentle for dry skin.

The best shaving oil

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Clubman Pinaud Shaving Oil (3 Packs)

Shaving oil does not foam as easily as competitors, which is completely their essence. Instead, they smear your skin and mustache soft, filling them with soothing, moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and cocoa butter. Both are dipped in Clubman Pinaud shaving oil along with aloe skin soothing.

The best multitasking shaving cream

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Saunders & Long 5-in-1 Care Cream

This care cream does everything from conditioning and cleansing hair, washing dirt off the body, mop hairstyles and even shaving the face. It soothes the skin with vitamin B5 and creates a light film on the face while shaving to protect you from razor burns. While we primarily recommend a separate shaving cream, this one works wonders as a last resort and is great for minimalists and multi-taskers.

The best pharmacy shaving cream

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I feel so beautiful every time I use Proraso shaving cream, and at the pharmacy it’s only 10 bones. It is an outdated shaving brand (reliable for over 110 years) whose prestige has been built on this eternity. Of all their formulas, I like the cooling combination of eucalyptus and menthol, which is contained in this green tube “Refreshing and tonic”.

The best shaving cream

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This super oily shaving cream makes it easy to slide the blade all over your head. You need to shave your head a bit, but it starts with patience, a flexible and fresh razor and a well-oiled shaving cream. HeadBlade offers 2 of these 3 things (patience to learn, not buy). They wear a crown when it comes to freshly polished domes.

The best shaving cream for the gym and travel

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Shaving Cream Ernest Supplies

Ernest Supplies Shaving Cream does it all: it acts like a pre-shave if you leave it on for a couple of minutes before shaving. It even soothes on contact to keep the skin calm, like an aftershave. Our favorite feature, however, is a sturdy, portable case that can be packed. It lies flat, it doesn’t burst or spill, it rolls easily, and it travels great.

The best soothing shaving cream

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Do you know how you get the highest degree of “most soothing”? You mix the base with shea butter and coconut oil and then accentuate it with willow bark extract and aloe. The result is a caring shaving cream that makes your face smoother and softer, and Marlowe with a concise name to protect.

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