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Setting up a tent in the woods or bringing a camper to a designated camping spot makes the desert your temporary home. Some people like to ride in a campsite and sleep in a sleeping bag under the stars. Others love several modern amenities such as a work toilet and a portable stove.

There is no right or wrong way to camp. But some camping gear makes life easier outdoors for days. It is important to stay safe, relax, unwind, appreciate nature and spend time with family and friends. Add these essentials to your packing list to prepare for your stay.

1. Coleman Dome tent with screen room Evanston camping tent with shielded porch

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The tent is very important because it protects you from the elements and gives you a covered place to sleep. As a trusted name in camping gear, the Coleman Dome tent adds a few extra amenities, with a shaded porch, window awnings and built-in storage pockets. The frame can withstand the wind and the floor is waterproof. In addition, the spacious lounge is spacious enough to accommodate two queen-size inflatable beds.

Sleeping bag Coleman Brazos in cold weather

Sleeping bag Coleman Brazos in cold weather

2. Sleeping bag Coleman Brazos Cold Weather

The night can get cold when you are camping. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring extra clothes, hats and gloves. A sturdy sleeping bag also helps, such as the Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping sleeping bag. In the bag you will be warm and cozy, even at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. A long tube along the zipper also prevents the release of body heat. The high quality sleeping bag also holds 4 pounds. patented ColeTherm insulation. It is suitable for sleepers up to 5’11 inches.

3. POWERLIX Sleeping Pad – Ultra-light inflatable sleeping mat

Sometimes sleeping on solid ground in a traditional sleeping bag can be uncomfortable. PowerLix produces an ultra-light inflatable sleeping area with hexagonal air cells that provide comfort and support. The waterproof mat is easy to carry, it is easy to inflate and hits all pressure points when you lie down. In addition, the inflatable bag can serve as a pillow, laundry bag or anything.

LED flashlight ENERGIZER

LED flashlight ENERGIZER

4. LED LIGHT ENERGIZER, high performance flashlight for outdoor, camping, running, storm, survival

It’s getting dark in the desert! The LED flashlight ENERGIZER is an indispensable tool for your next camping trip. The headlight runs on the six AAA Energizer Max batteries included. The lamp emits seven different light modes for different situations. Whether you’re hiking, looking for something, heading into a storm, or doing something that requires light, this headlamp is a must-have part of camping.

5. Coleman Camping chair with built-in cooler for 4 canisters

Comfortable camping chairs are a must for sitting by the fire, frying S’mores or just relaxing and socializing with friends and family. The Coleman camping chair with built-in cooler for 4 canisters is extremely cool with its comfortable base and built-in cooler with a capacity of four cans! In addition, the chair folds easily into a storage bag with a long strap that can be worn over the shoulder.

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6. Folding camping table with storage compartment

If you are considering the necessary camping gear, it is about functionality, portability and smart use of space. This sophisticated camping table with storage compartment marks all the boxes. The table is easy to transport and quick to install. It is also large enough to accommodate lots of food, plates, napkins, utensils and more. When you’re done, it folds into a compact size to take home.

LED camping lantern

LED camping lantern

7. LED camping lantern, LED with 1000LM battery, 4 light modes

Camping lanterns help you see the road to camping at night, illuminate a seating area or grill while cooking and more. The LED camping flashlight is waterproof and has four light modes and boasts an impressive 1,000 lumens that can illuminate the entire area. Put it in a tent for reading or playing cards or hang it on a pole to light up your space. The lantern is powered by three-dimensional alkaline batteries and can run for up to 12 hours.

8. Impact canopy Inclined canopy

The canopy offers shade on the beach, sporting events, campsites and street fairs. Blocking out direct sunlight will also save you on a hot day. The 10 foot x 10 foot Impact Slant Leg Canopy hood provides wide coverage for your group with a maximum height of 8 feet and a head height of 5’10 ”. The top of the canopy is weather resistant but not suitable for adverse wind, rain or snow.

Coleman gas camping stove

Coleman gas camping stove

9. Coleman Gas Hob Offer plate Triton, 2 burners

One of the best parts of camping is food! Hot dogs, burgers, fried potatoes and beans are the main products for hiking. You can cook your favorite dishes on the Coleman gas stove. It boasts five adjustable burners, and windproof panels protect the burners while cooking. The alloy steel plate is easy to clean and runs on liquefied petroleum gas.

10. KURUI wood cutting ax with sheath, 15 “

The hike would not be complete without roasted hot dogs, smores and ghost stories by the fire. To split firewood, you will need a strong and reliable ax. The KURUI sheath chopping ax is a 15-inch splitting ax that allows you to control your cutting needs. It boasts a fiberglass shelf and a hardened carbon steel blade for durability and performance.

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